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Consumer Data
The largest, most comprehensive consumer database in the world delivers more than 100 different selects on more than 200 million US households. From purchase history to demographics and lifestyles,  the precision you need to expand your view of your customers and prospects and target direct marketing programs that generate the optimum results. If you really want to know who you are talking to and what will motivate them.
  1. To obtain a free count and pricing for a list:

      Identify a geographic area (by zip, city, carrier route,  or address when asking for a radius count)

    2.  Indicate which if any additional selections below you are interested in from the list below.

    3: Call us at 800-471-8500

In return you will receive an email with an Excel spreadsheet attached enumerating the count for your list as well as price should you wish to buy.

Additional Selections Available:

Address Type Indicator
Adult Age Ranges - Additional Element(s)
Adult Age Ranges - First Element
Adult Age Ranges in Household
Age - Adult Age (2 Yr Bands)
Age - Head of HH
Age - Head Of HH - Premier Complete
Age Head Of HH - Premier Complete Indicator
American Express - Premium
American Express - Regular
Apparel - Big and Tall
Apparel - Mens
Apparel - Womens
Apparel - Womens Petite
Apparel - Womens Plus
Apparel - Young Men
Apparel - Young Women
Area Code
Available Home Equity (Premier)
Available Home Equity (RPA)
Bank Card Holder
Books - Audio
Books - Magazines
Business Owner
Census Block Code
Census Block Group
Census Median Home Value (Thousands)
Census Median Income (Thousands)
Child - Present - Complete
Child Attending College Away From Home
Children - Probable Teen Driver
Childrens 1yr age range - Reseller 5 Pricing - Additional Element(s)
Childrens 1yr age range - Reseller 5 Pricing - First Element
Childrens Age
Childrens Age Ranges - Additional Element(s)
Childrens Age Ranges - First Element
Childrens Learning and Activity Toys
Childrens Products - Baby Care
Childrens Products - Back to School
Childrens Products - General
Claritas Income Producing Assets
Community Reinvestment Act Code
Composites - Intelligentsia
Composites - Traditionalist
Computing/Home Office
Consumer Prominence Indicator
Credit Card Buyer - Unknown Type
Credit Card Users
Date of Birth
Date of Birth (Month Only)
Discover - Premium
Discover - Regular
DOB (Select Year only)
Dominant Vehicle Lifestyle Indicator
Dwelling Unit Size
Economic Stability Indicator (RITAA)
Education of Selected Record
E-mail/Internet Prospect Flag
Estimated Income
Estimated Income - Narrow Ranges
Estimated Income - Premier Complete
Estimated Income Precision Indicator
Ethnicity - African American
Ethnicity - African American Professionals
Ethnicity - Asian
Ethnicity - Country of Origin-ET
Ethnicity - Ethnic Code-ET
Ethnicity - Hispanic
Ethnicity - Language Preference Code-ET
Ethnicity - Religious Affiliation Code-ET
Ethnicity - Roll-Up Code-ET
Expiration Date 1 (Loan Month)
Expiration Date 2 (Purchase Month)
Financial Services
FIPS Census
Gasoline or Retail - Premium
Gasoline or Retail - Regular
Gender (Individual)
Generations in Household
Head HH Education
Head HH Education - Premier Complete
Head HH Education Precision Indicator
Head of Household Occupation
Health - Reseller 5 Pricing - Additional Element(s)
Health - Reseller 5 Pricing - First Element
Health and Beauty
Heavy Transactor
High End Appliance
High Volume Low End Dept. Store Buyers
Home and Garden Uncoded
Home Market Value
Home Office, Computers and Electronics
Home Purchase Date (Premier)
Home Purchase Date (RPA)
Homeowner/renter Flag
Homeowner/Renter Flag - Premier Complete
Household size
Household Status Indicator
Hunting Products
Income - Estimated Income Higher Ranges
InfoBase Investor Model - Highly Likely Investors
InfoBase Investor Model - Likely Investors
InfoBase Networth Indicator
InfoTrend Cellular User Model
InfoTrend International Long Distance User Model
InfoTrend Internet User Model
InfoTrend Long Distance User Model
InfoTrend Optional Calling Services User Model
InfoTrends - PC Operating System
InfoTrends - PC Owner
InfoTrends - Software Buyer
Intend to Purchase - HDTV/Satellite Dish
Intend to Purchase - Home Improvement
Interests - Reseller 5 Pricing - Additional Element(s)
Interests - Reseller 5 Pricing - First Element
Internet Connection Type
Investments - Active
Investments - Personal
Length of Residence
Length of Residence Indicator
Life Event - Child Nearing High School Graduation
Life Event - College Graduate
Life Event - Empty Nester
Life Event - Expectant Parent
Life Event - New Parent
Life Event - Newlyweds
Life Event - Recent Divorced
Life Event - Recent Home Buyer
Life Event - Recent Mortgage Borrower
Life Event - Vehicle - Intend To Purchase
Life Insurance Policy Owner
lifemode group
Line of Travel
Loan Date 1st
Mail Order Buyer
Mail Order Donor
Mail Responders
Make purchases online
Marital Status
Marital Status - Premier Complete
Marital Status Precision Indicator
Market Decile
Market Value Model Indicator
Mastercard - Premium
Mastercard - Regular
Membership Clubs
Method of Payment - Cash
Method of Payment - Credit Card
Military Memorabilia/Weaponry
Min Street Retail
Motorcycle Owner
Movie / Music Grouping
Musical Instruments
Networth - Premier
New Bank Card Issued
Number of Adults
Number of Credit Lines
Number of Vehicles
Occupation Detail - Input Individual
Occupation of Selected Record
Online Purchase Indicator
P$ycle NE
P$ycle NE Indicator
PC DSL/High Speed User
Personicx Hispanic
Personicx Indicator
Personicx Life Stage Clusters
Personicx Lifestage Group
Photography and Video Equipment
Prem New Car Buyer
Prem Number of Children
Prem Retail Activity - Date of Last Activity
Prem Senior Adult
Prem Young Adult
Premium Gold Card Holder
Presence of Bank Card
Presence of Children
Presence of Pool
Prizm NE
Prizm NE Match Indicator
Property - Estimated Residential Properties Owned
psyte cluster code
Range of New Credit
Reading Grouping
Real Property Detail (Specific Property Type)
Real Property Lender Type 1st
Real Property Loan Amount Range 1st
Real Property Loan-To-Value Range
Real Property Property Type
Real Property Purchase Amount
Real Property Real Estate Investor
Real Property Year Built
Real Property Year Built Ranges
Recreational Vehicles Uncoded
Retail Style Type - Additional Element(s)
Retail Style Type - First Element
RV Owner
Secured Phone
Single Parent
Small Office - Home Office
Software Used
Sports and Leisure
Sub-Types Of Retail Activity
T/E Card Holder
tapestry cluster
Telephone Number (where available)
Travel - Business - Domestic - Have Taken
Travel - Business - Domestic - Would Enjoy
Travel - Services - Air
Travel - Vacation - International - Have Taken
Travel - Vacation - International - Would Enjoy
Travel - Vacation - RV
Travel - Vacation - USA - Have Taken
Travel - Vacation - USA - Would Enjoy
Travel in the USA
Truck/Motorcycle/RV Owner
Truck/Motorcycle/RV Owner - Additional Element(s)
Truck/Motorcycle/RV Owner - First Element
TV/Video/Movie Watcher
Underbanked / Cash Transactor
Upscale (Dept. Stores)
Value Priced Merchandise
Vehicle - New/Used Indicator - 1st Vehicle
Vehicle - New/Used Indicator - 2nd Vehicle
Vehicle Make Code (1st Vehicle)
Vehicle Make Code (2nd Vehicle)
Vehicle Year (1st Vehicle)
Vehicle Year (2nd Vehicle)
Visa - Premium
Visa - Regular
Wireless Product Buyer
Working Woman Indicator

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