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Personator III for Windows
Parse Names And City Data, Genderize And Build Salutations


There's nothing worse than trying to dupe check a list when the whole name, including prefix & suffix, is sloshed into one catch-all field. And there's no easier way to fix this mess than Personator! Make a name for yourself! Personator is the key. It splits full names, inverse names, & partially split names, genderizes, & builds salutations (like "Dear Mr. Doe") more accurately than a word processor. It adds the personal touch to break through the bulk mail barrier in people's minds-so you get higher readership, more response, & increased profit from your mailings. Current users report increases of 10% more. Use Personator to standardize files with different name field structures. It also splits City/St/Zip fields, so you can merge, sort, & deduplicate better. Or track marketing response by sex. Personator works with your field names & layout - you can control exactly how it works. It's simple & fast - a clear, natural tool to boost your direct mail profits & enhance your company's image, too.

Extend Personator's Power Even Further With GenderBase 100's 100,000 Name Genderizing Table. 

Here's How Personator Parses Names

Prefix First Name Last Name Suffix/Title
Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Jill Mc Hill  
  Jaque de la Ville PhD L L D
The Hon L Mara F R* Clark*

*Note: In this example, Personator is distinguishing "F R" as a middle name, and "Clark" as a last name.

Personator Even Figures Out Gender And
Sex So You Can Create Formal Or Casual
Salutations Without Tacky Embarrassments

Personator   Sex Prefix
Finds Buried 1st Names: Hoover J. Edgar Jr. M Mr
Won't Wipe Out Existing Prefixes w/o Permission: Doe Dr. Jane F Dr
Lets You Choose Prefix For Neutrals or Unknowns: St. John Chris N  
Avoids Screwing Up Multiple Names By Treating Them As Neutrals: Doe John & Mary N  


Pro Series List Price $695.00  
MailingSupplies.Biz, Inc. Price $629.00 50PSPP3

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