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by Datatech SmartSoft

Would you ever put two stamps on a letter that requires only one? Of course not, so why continue to pay more for postage than the USPS actually requires?  Many people do not realize the USPS charges substantially lower postal rates for customers who organize their mail before putting it into the system. In addition to the substantial savings, this presorted mail travels quickly to its destination.  Interfaces with AccuMail for a complete CASS/PAVE product.

Why Postal Discounts?

When you drop a letter in the postal system, it begins a long and complex journey. First, it is sorted according to regional destination. After being delivered to the regional center, it is sorted again to determine the local Postal Office, it is sorted again to determine the carrier, who may again sort it to arrange it in an efficient delivery order.

Your letters, along with the 20 million other pieces that go into the mail each day, are handled by a countless number of people and machines before reaching the final destination. How you prepare your mail ultimately determines the level of automation for each step.

Using Datatech SmartSoft, Inc's. ProSort software, you can presort much of your mail before mailing it. ProSort will also barcode envelopes and labels to make your mail automation compatible. In return for making their job easier, the USPS charges substantially less for postage.

Presorting Made Simple
You once had to be a postal regulation expert to take advantage of presorting discounts. Easy to use ProSort, with its simple interface, changes that. By simply stepping through the ProSort fields and providing information such as class of mailing (First, Periodicals, or Standard), type of output (file, envelopes or labels), size and weight, you'll be on your way to substantial cost savings.

Lightning Fast
USPS PAVE-Certified ProSort is the fastest PC presorter available. It easily processes up to 300,000 records per minute on a properly equipped PC. This blazing 32-bit speed makes it practical to try different presorting options to achieve the greatest discounts.

ProSort supports First Class, Periodicals and Standard Class presorts. With support for xBase (.DBF) and ASCII file formats, ProSort works with all the popular database applications. ProSort even prints the proper postal forms (including 3600 series) required by the USPS for postal presort discounts.

ProSort Features and Benefits:

  • Reduce postage costs by up to 35%
  • Speeds any class of mail through the postal system
  • Doesn't require you to be a postal presorting expert
  • Just fill in information and run
  • Prints envelopes and labels with
    or without POSTNET barcodes
  • Prints postal forms automatically
  • USPS PAVE-certified
  • Always with the latest postal regulations
  • Presorts First, Periodicals & Standard Mail (A)
  • Reads industry standard dBase (.DBF)
    and ASCII file formats for compatibility
    with dBase, FoxPro, Alpha Four and more
  • Performs barcode automation (tray-based,
    two-tier, three-tier and flats), 3/5-digit, profit and non-profit presorts and more
  • Calculates DDU, SFC and BMC discounts
Product Name sku List Price MailingSupplies.Biz Price
ProSort PRO $1195 $1075
ProSort Bundled with AccuMail  (1 yr sub) PROACC $2595 $2335